Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sweet 23! :)

He He Hello Guys!
I am 23 years old now!
*Turning 23 years old on 22nd of March 2013..

Sweet 23!
Thank you Allah for still giving me a chance to live in this world..
Not to forget, Thank you Mak Abah! Because of you guys, I had the opportunity to see the world for almost 23 years..I love you guys a lot..

I dah tua dah ok! hohoho..
Many people wish me a happy bufday and some of them wishing me "Selamat Hari Tua"..
Then I replied "Lagi tua, lagi bagus..cepat sikit nak kawin..hahaha.."
Bijak kan jawapan tu? Ke jawapan gatal?
Hahahaha.. :P

Sweet 23!
This is the sweetest (or I might say the best lah) bufday celebration ever!
Guess what, there's TWO bufday celebration for me today!

 Sweet 23!
First celebration (siang)!
Hmm, this celebration was made by Santi..Actually, it was unplanned..hohoho..
At first, Santi cakap "Aku nak makan Secret Recipe la.."
Then aku cakap (joking2) "Jom lah, arini bufday aku.."
Then die cakap "Hah, jom lah.."
Then I was like "Hah? Really? Biar betul.."
Then, memang betul-betul okey die belanja aku n kengkawan aku kat SR!
Thanx Santi for the treat! Even we're not so close, but you're willing to spend me A LOT on my bufday..Until now, I still dont know how to thank you! huhu..
And thanx jugak kat Ana, Kiah, Haje and Fatin sebab ada sama time tu..At least, aku tak sambut bufday sensorang (lonely) and aku hepy sangat ada korang time bufday aku..
Oh! I'm so touched
Lunch treat by Santi..
Santi dont want her picture to be posted..hohoho
Chocolate Indulgence! One slice are more than enough!
 My finger means Sweet 23.. :)

Sweet 23!
Second celebration (malam)!
Hmm, this second celebration aslo was unplanned made by Zeera, Huda and Tirah..
At first, we just planned to watch movie at KK..
But, after watch movie Tirah, Huda and Zeera ask me: 
"Bufday gurl nak makan kat mana?"
Then I said "Erk! Takyah la..Dah kenyang kot.."
Then they said "Ala, takpela..pilih la tempat.."
Pastu aku cakap "korang la pilih, aku mana tau.."
Then, pikir punya pikir, Tirah decide to take us to Kampung Nelayan Restaurant at Penampang (my first time actually)..Not so far from KK la..Aku ingatkan kene naik bot, rupanya tak payah! hoho..
Restoran tu femes ngan steamboat and with RM35 per head, we can eat as many as we want! 
So, nak taknak, kene makan banyak la sampai perut kejang! Yela, nak makan sikit, rugi..hoho..Tambah plak dengan hujan lebat, tak boleh balik, so we have to stay and continue eating!
Sounds fun and yummy ha? But trust me, cannot tahan'll feel that your tummy will be explode in any time..The most funny thing is, Tirah and Zeera are the Eating Queen! tak henti-henti makan..hahaha..
Hmm, walaupun perut macam nak pecah dah, but still, I have a great time with them!
Thanx Zeera, Huda and Tirah for the treat..I really really appreciate it and I will remember those memories as the best bufday celebration ever!

Wish to go there again some time.. :)
The food that will make your tummy explode! hoho

Dear friends,
This birthday celebrations are very meaningful to me..
No words can describe how much I appreciate all of you! :)
Thank you so much!

p/s: dah tua-tua ni, rasa pelik pulak orang panggil bufday girl..hoho

I Am The Actor Of My Life! (^_^)

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