Sunday, April 23, 2017

New Moment Treasured.

New moment treasured yesterday. 
Bowling Tournament.
With new people, whom I never knew before. 
*Tapi, tebalkan muka aje lah join sekali. Hehehehe
But they are totally okay, so i got a little bit chill la. 
Chill chill jugak tapi malu tu tetap ada. heh! :)
Actually, I'm not a shy person, but it takes time la for me to adapt with the new environment.
Once I can adapt, nothin can stop me from talking.
HAHAHAHAHA. *evil laugh

As always, I'm not win. 
Guess, I'm not born to be a great bowler. Huhuhuhu.
But it's okay. Win or lose, it doesn't matter.
What does matter is, you try hard as you can and if it's not meant for you, there must be something else that meant for you. Kan?

So, thats all for now.
 Looking forward for the next activities with this group yall!

I Am The Actor Of My Life! (^_^)

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Yang Pergi Takkan Sama.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Harini sabtu, kena kerja lol. Tapi, tak banyak kerja yang boleh buat. So, curi masa sikit tulis blog. Hikhikhikhik.

Ok la, harini tetiba rasa nak tulis topik 
"Yang Pergi Takkan Sama"

So, apa yang pergi takkan sama tuuu? So, selalunya tentang manusia la kan? Selalu bila orang yang rapat dengan kita, hilang daripada kita, mesti kite selalu rindu kan? Ego macam mana pun, perasaan rindu tu tetap ada kan? Dan orang yang baru yang datang, pun, takkan sama dengan yang lama tu. Because everyone have different character, different thought about us!

I once lost my bestfriend, but because of our ego, we've never been like before dah. Daripada Form 1 sampai Form 6 berkawan, tapi bila masing-masing masuk universiti, everything's changed. Tipu lah tak rindu, tapi nak buat macam mana. Things have to go on this way. 

Then in university, I have this one geng that we were very close, sooo close until we rent the same house and live together. Tapi, panas tak sampai ke petang, hujan di tengahari. We have some issues and we separate. We're still friends now, but things are not the same like before. Kami hanya mampu ungkapkan rindu tapi nak balik kepada masa sebelum ni adalah mustahil sebab bila benda dah lepas, tak mungkin la nak patah balik kan? Yang kita mampu hanya mengenang masa lalu.

During work also I have some people who are very close to me but still, because of some bad issues, we are no longer close and we were like strangers.

So, apa yang aku nak sampaikan kat sini, "Yang Pergi Takkan Sama" tu adalah, manusia datang dan pergi daripada hidup kita. Yang pergi daripada hidup kita tu, bila die kembali lagi, perasaan tu tak mungkin akan sama lagi dah dengan yang sebelum ni. Mesti rasa macam ada batas untuk rapat macam sebelum ni. Baik, memang lah baik, tapi tetap jugak takkan sama. Perasaan yang dah pergi, dah hilang tu, tetap takkan sama bila patah balik.

Tapi, datangnya orang-orang dalam hidup kita ni semua ada sebab, semua dah ditentukan. Ada yang datang lebih baik daripada sebelumnya, dan ada yang datang lebih buruk daripada sebelumnya. Mana yang baik, jadikan pedoman sebab mungkin yang baru datang tu mampu bimbing kita, dan mana yang tak baik tu jadikan pengajaran supaya bila kita jumpa lagi orang-orang macam tu, kite tau macam mana nak handle.

Hmm, ada ketika, kita akan rindu orang-orang yang pernah hadir dalam hidup kita ni kan? Rindu yang tak boleh nak diungkap. Senak dalam jiwa. Ceh! Tapi, apa yang kita mampu buat bila kita rindu, doa yang baik-baik jela dengan harapan orang tu pun akan rindukan kita jugak. Dan jangan pernah simpan perasaan yang tak elok pada orang-orang yang dah tak suka kita atau benci kita sebab dendam adalah penyakit paling teruk untuk hati.

Tapi, apa yang penting, sentiasa bersyukur dengan orang yang masih ada dengan kita. Hargai dan sayang orang-orang yang ada dengan kita sekarang ni. Jaga elok-elok supaya diaorang pun tak pergi daripada kita. Sebab bila diaorang dah menjauh, benda takkan sama lagi dah. Sebab apa? 
Sebab "Yang Pergi Takkan Sama"

I Am The Actor Of My Life! (^_^)

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Blessed 27.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

22 Mac 1990. 9.12 a.m. 

I was born by a tough woman whom I called Mak.
Having me in this world, Mak and Abah must be very happy to see the cute me.
Hiks perasan! :P
And now, I am 27 years old already.
And right now, I still couldn't accept the fact that I'm growing older.
How time flies, haih!

So, this Blessed 27, nothing much change about me.
Sometimes I'm a little bit childish and sometimes I can be matured enough to handle problems. Well, I do think, age is just a number and it got nothing to do with your maturity. Experience itself who can taught you about life.

So, when I turn 27, i feel so blessed that I have some people around me who put an effort celebrating my birthday. I am very much appreciated knowing that they still have time to cheer me up on my birthday. There is no word I can describe how thankful I am to have them in my life celebrating my birthday. Those cakes, those gift and present, those wishes and Dua' are all make my day and I don't stop smiling for the whole day. And could't I expected that my new boss celebrating my birthday and buy me a very tasteful cake even it just two months I work there. I bet my boss love me so much ha? Hekhekhekhek.

Ok, let me share some photos during my Blessed 27. :)

Cake & Gift from Boss :)
Thanx Along belanja makan. :)

Thanx Fina for the baby bear :)

Cake from Abah, Ella and Kak Azira. Sharing celebration with my brother and my niece. :)

Thanx Love :)
Pearl Tasbih from Makkah. Thank you Makcik. :)
Ok, actually there's a lot more of picture but no need to share la. This is enough.

I am posting this not because I wanna show off, plus nothing to be show off. But I'm putting this on my blog so that I can reminiscing all those great moments that cherished me a lot. :)

Ok la. That's all for now.
Last word ;
There will always a better tomorrow as long as you try to be better.

Blessed 27. Blessed Me. :)

I Am The Actor Of My Life! (^_^)