Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How It Feels?

He he hello Guys!
#Listen #Listen #Listen #Listen #Listen #Listen #Listen ..

#LetMeSpeak #LetMeSpeak #LetMeSpeak #LetMeSpeak #LetMeSpeak ..

Hah kau! Aku pun dah terkena simptom si #SharifahZorahJabeen dah! Asyik #Listen #Listen and #LetMeSpeak jek..Yela, die kan dah femes dua, tiga hari ni..ayat yang keluar dari mulut die semua jadi ikutan..siap orang buat lagu lagi nok! Fenomena #Listen #Listen and #LetMeSpeak ni dah setaraf dengan fenomena #OppaGangnamStyle dah aku nengok! Kelas gittewww..

By the way, who is #SharifahZorahJabeen ni?
Oh my dearest readers! You guys should go and ask Uncle Google la if you want to know more about her! But those who really active in FB + Twitter + Current Issue, confim + sure  kenal dengan #kak Pah tu ha!

Eh jap, jap! Ape aku merepek lebih2 pasal #kakPah #Listen #Listen and #LetMeSpeak ni..
Entri terbaru aku ni bukan ade kaitan dengan die pong! Adoi!

Ok la, back to the topic! This new entry is about How It Feels!
Lately ni kan, I keep #stalking some of my friends in Facebook..my primary + secondary friends la..not boypreng ok! Hmm, I saw some of them are studying + working in Overseas! Then my heart said :
 "Wow, hebatnye diaorang!" 
"Emm, syoknye"
"Pandainye diaorang dapat belajar kat Oversea"
" Untungnye dapat stay kat Oversea"

Then I ask one of my friend who work in Overseas,
"Macam mane rasanye stay kat Overseas?"

Then he said :
"Errr depends on the country you're at and people around...Kadang2 best... Sometimes x...Weather pun kena tengok"

Then, I wonder:
 How It Feels studying in Overseas? 
How It Feels working in Overseas? 
How It Feels living in Overseas? 

It must be really fun and interesting kan? Making friends from all over the world, travelling a lot, visiting a lot of wonderful places, feels the 4 seasons (winter + summer + autumn + spring), playing with the snows, taste the food that doesn't have here in Malaysia and bla bla bla..

And deep inside my heart, I feel like I really really really wanna go there, feels the experience like they do! And to be frankly, I am jealous with them! Sometimes I ask my self, why can't I be like them? Why am I not so brilliant so that I can't study there? And then, I realised that I am not hardworking enough during my school time..I play a lot, not trying harder! And trust me, now I'm regret! 
I'm regret that I'm not working harder so that I can studying in overseas..
I'm regret for not making my parents have the feeling like other parents who their daughter/son studying in overseas..

I know that there's no use to regret and some people said :
Never regret anything because at one time, it was exactly what you need..

I consoled myself that:
Always being thankful with what you have..
Allah S.W.T. always has a better plan for me..
Allah S.W.T knows me well and He knows that I am not willing to be far apart from my family..

I know that my parents are so proud of me even I'm just studying in local university and they will still love me just the way I am! 

Teringat Kiah cakap :
Fana, kita ni pun kira macam study kat luar negara jugak la.
Hmm,betul sangat tu Kiah! Kita kan belajar OVER-THE-SEA!

Ok la..that's all for now..malas nak emo lebih-lebih! huhu..


p/s: Aku dah pandai guna #Hashtag! hoho

I Am The Actor Of My Life! (^_^)


  1. yup.. kita d over the sea..hehe,,
    teringat plk ayat dekat banner yang De Jure group untuk Pn Marja "Pn, tunggu kitaorang di sana. Nanti kitaorang pon akan pergi oversea juga "REAL OVERSEA"..hehe