Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Smile in Face, Tears in Heart.

He He Hello Guys!
Moody day in a cloudy day!
That's why i come with this entry, 
"Smile in Face, Tears in Heart".

This is what happening to me.
Outside of me, I smile, I laugh, 


 Inside of me was full of tears.
Tears that i don't even know why.
Tears that only me, myself can feel.
Tears that other people can't see/feel.

Oh, it's hurt to have this feeling. It's hurt a lot. 
* bukan putus cinta, of course.

Then, there's something that I just know today that makes me more sad, hurt me more.

My sister text me, she said :
"Mak masakkan anak menantu bihun sup sebab ingatkan diaorang nak balik Jumaat tu, tapi tak, diaorang tak balik. So, mak agihkan aje dekat jiran sebab takdek siapa nak makan."

Ya Allah. Sayunya hati ni. My tears drop like a waterfall.
Kesian Mak. Sakit-sakit kaki pun, boleh lagi nak masak. 
Mesti mak kecewa sangat, tapi mak tak suka nak tunjuk semua tu.
Mak like to pretend like "Oh, it's ok. It's fine."
But, inside Mak's heart, who knows kan?

Dear readers, if you were in my shoe, what would you feel?
Happy? Should I laugh? Of course not kan?
Haven't I have the right to feel sad? 
Haven't I have the right to get angry?

"Smile in Face, Tears in Heart"

I Am The Actor Of My Life! (^_^)

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