Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Precious September!

Hi September!
We meet again in 2012 ha..

I've been giving the chance to meet u again, my Precious September.. :)

Time is precious..As well as September..
I just have less than 2 weeks to be in Ipoh before i fly to KK (not Kuala Kangsar for sure..hohoho)..Why so soon???
Arghhhh!! wa banyak sedih ooo kakak,abang,adik..Its been 84 days i was in Ipoh but i feel like I just be in Ipoh for 8 days n 4 hours..melampau pulak kan?? But trust me, that's how i feel..
Times "run" so fast without i realize..
yela..salah satu tanda dunia nak kiamat kan? 
Times become short n short..
One year just like one month n one month just like one week..

Hmm, nak tak nak,i know i still have, have n have to move in tandem with time..
.We can't neither stop the time nor to change the destiny kan..? 
Walaweiii..berfalsafah ler pulok awok ni..jangan tiru,jangan tiru (muka begayak)!!
kikikiki.. :p

To do list in this Precious September..
* Eat all the feverets food  * Go shopping  *watching TV (sampai pagi buta)
* Travelling (dekat-dekat jek la) * Woke up late
hehehehehehe.. :)

* Salute to my younger sister for not crying like me before when she enter the uni life!
I Miss U Ninah! :)

I Am The Actor Of My Life! (^_^)

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