Sunday, July 07, 2013


He He Hello Guys!
It's 7th of July already, so here I am to updating about my #JulyWishes.
*Better late than never kan? Heheheee
So, this is my #JulyWishes!

Yes! This is my wish for this month! Hmm, why I come with this wish? 
Am I don't like to stay in Ipoh? Am i don't like to stay with my family?
NO, NO, NO! It's not like that. *jangan pikir negatif. hoho
Well, everyone loves their family kan? Including me! And the one who loves their family will not willing to stay apart far their family. Including me!

The reason why i would like to stay longer in Sabah is just that, I feel not yet ready to leave this place. It's been 3 years (tak termasuk cuti balik Ipoh) I've been here. I do admit that I'm a homesick person, but now, I feel that I wanna stay here longer. *Until December maybe! Bukan nak tinggal terus hokey! Sebabnye, aku rasa tak puas lagi tinggal kat sini. Banyak lagi yang nak dicapai kat sini. 
There's :
* A lot of place that I wish to travel.
* A lot of beautiful scenery that I wish to enjoy.
* A lot of memories that I wish to collect.
* A lot of friends that I wish to make.
* A lot of experience that I wish to gain.

I know this place can teach me a lot about life!
I know this place can teach me how to be strong and independence!
And the most important this is, this place can teach me to be more matured in managing life!

Well, i do hope that my #JulyWishes came true! Hopefully dapat sambung praktikal / kerja kat sini until Disember! Dapat pengalaman kerja + pocket money! hehe.
Tapi, hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri. Lagi baik negeri sendiri kan?
So, walaupun aku wish nak stay lama kat sini, aku still rasa "terkinja-kinja" nak balik Ipoh!
Sebab kat Ipoh, ade family yang aku sayang and sayangkan aku! :)

p/s : cant't wait to see the new "flower" in the family! Puteri Nur Jannah! :)

I Am The Actor Of My Life! (^_^)

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