Saturday, June 29, 2013

Working LIFE : What It Feels Like?

He He Hello Guys!
It's been awhile since I've updated my blog. *almost 2 weeks.
Thank God that I don't have so much (or I can say any) blog-fans who keep waiting about my next update! Well, aku mana ade peminat kan? Tapi, ada aku kesah? haha. 
Its not because I don't have any story to be wrote in this lovely blog of mine. It's just that I have no time to update about anything that happened + my brain seems don't have enough energy to think what should I write to make my entry looks catchy + creative enough for others to read. *Well, nak jadi blogger kena la kreatif kan? Hehe.
AND, today, as I have a little time + energy to update about something, so I came up with an idea to update about this! Working LIFE : What It Feels Like?

OK! To those whose working or has worked, what it feels like working? Happy? Enjoy? 
Well, i wouldn't know what's your respond to this question but if people ask me Working LIFE : What It Feels Like?, my answer would be this!

Yes, seriously, working life is really really tired! It's been a week I've done my internship and only God knows how tired I am! And this is the reason why I dont have time to update my blog. Although not so much work was given to us in this one whole week, but I still feel damn tired.
I feel like no life at all! Feel like my life are out of the rails! hoho.
Woke up in the morning, going to work, sitting at the office from 8 am to 5 pm, go home and sleep at 9.30 pm (the earliest sleeping time since I was a student).
*seriously, jadi student lagi best daripada bekerja. hoho
I'm not complaining actually, but I just want to express my self how it feels like working. 

But, FEELING TIRED is the negative part of working. Still, there's a positive part of working.
Working makes me appreciate my family more!
I appreciate Abah + Mak's hardwork in raising 6 of us!
* Terima kasih Mak Abah! Ana tak mungkin dapat balas jasa Mak Abah tu. :'(
I Salute Mak coz still can cook for lunch after going back from work!
* Lepas ni, ana akan rajin-rajin masak. :)
I respect Apul and Kak Azira still can give a lot attention of to Yaya even they're tired working!
I respect Opi and Kak Mona/Kak Lia who work hard in raising Sarah and Akma!
I respect Ella (who's preggy) who still working until her due date and respect Ijam too coz still paying attention to Ella even he's tired working!
*btw, tadi Ela dah selamat melahirkan Baby Girl! :)
And, I do respect to those who working who still can manage their family well, especially women! Mana nak jaga makan suami, anak, kemas rumah. Yeayyy! Go Go Go Women! :)

Yes, working comes with an appreciation that can make me (us) to be more matured!
It comes with an experience too and it's worth it!

Me, in the 1st day of intern! :)

I Am The Actor Of My Life! (^_^)

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