Sunday, April 09, 2017

Blessed 27.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

22 Mac 1990. 9.12 a.m. 

I was born by a tough woman whom I called Mak.
Having me in this world, Mak and Abah must be very happy to see the cute me.
Hiks perasan! :P
And now, I am 27 years old already.
And right now, I still couldn't accept the fact that I'm growing older.
How time flies, haih!

So, this Blessed 27, nothing much change about me.
Sometimes I'm a little bit childish and sometimes I can be matured enough to handle problems. Well, I do think, age is just a number and it got nothing to do with your maturity. Experience itself who can taught you about life.

So, when I turn 27, i feel so blessed that I have some people around me who put an effort celebrating my birthday. I am very much appreciated knowing that they still have time to cheer me up on my birthday. There is no word I can describe how thankful I am to have them in my life celebrating my birthday. Those cakes, those gift and present, those wishes and Dua' are all make my day and I don't stop smiling for the whole day. And could't I expected that my new boss celebrating my birthday and buy me a very tasteful cake even it just two months I work there. I bet my boss love me so much ha? Hekhekhekhek.

Ok, let me share some photos during my Blessed 27. :)

Cake & Gift from Boss :)
Thanx Along belanja makan. :)

Thanx Fina for the baby bear :)

Cake from Abah, Ella and Kak Azira. Sharing celebration with my brother and my niece. :)

Thanx Love :)
Pearl Tasbih from Makkah. Thank you Makcik. :)
Ok, actually there's a lot more of picture but no need to share la. This is enough.

I am posting this not because I wanna show off, plus nothing to be show off. But I'm putting this on my blog so that I can reminiscing all those great moments that cherished me a lot. :)

Ok la. That's all for now.
Last word ;
There will always a better tomorrow as long as you try to be better.

Blessed 27. Blessed Me. :)

I Am The Actor Of My Life! (^_^)

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