Thursday, June 12, 2014

Allah knows :)

He He Hello guys.
Hmm, its been a long time (about 6 months) since i've updating my blog.
Kinda busy now coz I'm no longger a "Penanam Anggur Berjaya".
YEAYYY! Hikhikhik. :)

Well, now I have a little bit of time since my boss didn't give me too much file to update.
Well, as usual, when I'm doing nothing, while waiting for the #CandyCrushSaga's life to full or while waiting for my #Township goods to be produced, something come across my mind.
It's about Allah's Plan for us, human.

Guys, have you ever feel bad? Have you ever feel really down until u feel like crying?
Seriously la pernah kan? Tipu la kalau tak pernah sebab kita manusia semua punya hati untuk merasa. Rasa gembira, rasa sedih, rasa kecewa and macam-macam lah.
Hmm, yes, now, I'm not in a good mood actually coz alot of things happened recently that makes me feel so so so bad. *Pasal apa, biar aku jek yang tau.huhu
Sometimes, I'm just crying to make me feel better. Even when typing this, tears drops from my eyes. Haisyhh! Feel like screaming like now to tell the world how I feel right now.

Sometimes I spoke to myself :-
"Eh, why this June are not so good for me?"
"Eh, why this thing happened to me?"
"Eh, why I'm the one who has to face all this?"

Then I realised something.
Maybe this is Allah's Plan for me.
*Yes, ini ujian untuk aku.
Maybe all those things that happened to me will make me more become closer to Allah and one of Allah's way to test my Imaan.
Indeed, we will never know all the bad things that has happened to us might be the sweetest things for us at the end coz Allah knows better coz Allah who holds tomorrow, not us.
*Setiap yang berlaku pasti ada hikmah kan?
Yes, I keep convincing myself that Allah knows better.
*Dia takkan menugji hambanya melebihi kemampuan.
Yes, Allah knows. :)

One of my friend told me;
"Maybe ini salah satu cara Allah untuk tegur silap kita kerana Allah taknak kita terus buat silap. Allah jugak sayangkan kita and you're the chosen one untuk hadapi semua ni"

Yes, it's true what her said.
I'm the chosen one to face all this, so I have to keep strong and keep believe that time will heals everything and just waiting for the right time to let go all this worries and burdens.
Even I'm not strong enough, still, I have to keep strong and never let Syaitan to provoke me to do something that I shouldn't do (like giving up, killing myself or whatsoever).
 No, seriously, I wouldn't do stupid things.
Plus, it's not me only who have problems. Everyone have problems and their problems might have more serious than me.
So, if they can be strong and try to move on, why can't I kan?
Takkan sebab benda kecik, aku nak putus harap kan?

Hmm, nevermind la.
Whatever it is, Allah knows.
Allah knows the secret of all hearts.
Allah knows what is best for us.
Allah knows the unseen.
Allah knows everything. :)

Reminder to myself;
"Allah protects us from what isn't best for us"
I hope the rainbow will come after a long rain. :)

Hmm, that's all la for now.

I'm writing this not to seek sympathy or not to ask people to ask me;
"eh, what happen? eh, want to share something? eh, why so sad?" 
NO!! It's not that what I want.
It just that I feel writing is one of way to make me feel better.
And one day, who knows, when I might feel really down again, I can read all this things back to make me feel okay.

I Am The Actor Of My Life! (^_^)


  1. I will always be with u .. I can feel how u feel ....
    We r best friends forever
    Fate brought us together . And I appreciate u a lot

    1. Tenkiu EmoCandyBee. thank to JSA for making us here to meet and become closer everyday. :)