Tuesday, January 03, 2017



After one year (the last time I wrote in here was 3 Jan 2016) only I have a courage to re-open this blog. Because of some issues happened before this, I have to make this blog private. So, here I am, after one year, come back and start writing again.

So, one year has passed, and, a lot of things happened! 
When I said a lot, it means A LOT and I can't even remember each of them very well. So, I just have to make it quick and simple about what had happened.

1. I've changed my job.

2. I've met new people, make new friends.

3. I own a car on my birthday. Hiks!

4. I joined the Archery Club.

5. I travel a lot with my colleagues.
* Langkawi, Cameron Highlands, Kg. Beng, and many more that I couldn't remember.

6. I stick with the loved one.

7. My close cousins are married and soon to have babies and the other cousins getting engaged.

And, etc, etc, etc that I don't know how to make a list. Ngeeee.

Ok, so, when it's comes to New Year, first thing to come acrross our mind is "Azam" right?
*Bukan Encik Azam, tapi Azam Tahun Baru. Hekhekhek.

So, apa azam akak tahun ni ye? Hmmmm?


"Nak Kahwin Tahun 2018"
Bunyi macam gatal kan? Tapi lantaklah! :p

So, here's my Azam for this year! So, since I'm getting older, in this beloved 365days, I will try my best (hah, gituuu) to make it work. Doa ke, cari calon kesuruh someone masuk meminang ke apa yang patut lah as long as I can get married next year! Muahahahaha. :P

So, whoever read this, please, please and please pray for my jodoh okey bcoz I cannot tahan dah people asking me "bila nak kawin", "bila turn kamu" and bla bla bla. So, please pray!

But, I still hold to this quotes ;
"Kita tidak tahu, apa yang bakal menjemput kita dahulu, ajal ataupun jodoh".
So, we just have to back to the basic that we all are belongs to Allah and indeed, to Him we shall return. Semua sudah ditakdirkan dan kita cuma perlu redha. Kan?

Ok la, that's all for now and Inshaallah I will come to start writing again.

I Am The Actor Of My Life! (^_^)

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